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Psychological Effects of Health Sleep

Psychological Effects of Health Sleep

 For those of you who were busy work in the office all day, both in the field who spend a lot of energy, so sleep is the best medicine for you. However, your body is not a robotic machine that can work 1×24 hour throughout the day but your body and brain need time to rest.

The body has tremendous biological which automatically alarm will evaporate if the body had begun to get tired and need rest. People who have good health sleep will have a good body condition also because during sleep the metabolism process in the body is working more optimally.

Do you know how to get healthy sleep?

Here’s the way: Accustom your body to sleep regularly and not too late at night. Create a comfortable atmosphere with the bedroom lights and adjust the room temperature of your room. Before you sleep you can read the book which has simple material.

Dispose of the problems that occurred both in the office or at home that should not be carried away by the time of going to bed. Avoid conversations that can provoke a scene with your spouse in bed. Do not sleep after dinner but first let the food down in your belly and finally, encourage to pray before bedtime, this will bring psychological effects into your soul.

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